We Ripped The V8 Engine Out Of Our Japanese Sports Car (Throwing The Body In The TRASH!)

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Wrench Every Day

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Today we ripped the still-beating heart out of our Nissan 300ZX known as Earl Leeker. It's pretty straightforward, until it isn't.
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lightning Bolt's Channel
lightning Bolt's Channel 2 dagar sedan
I wish they can make them both into driving cars one with all the best bits and one with all the shittiest bits and see how long the one with all the shittiest bits lasts and compare the two
Liten Fara
Liten Fara 7 månader sedan
Do You still use that hair regrainer and wonder why it don't work? Make sure to skip any kinda products which contain SLS, Sodium Lauret Sulphate. It even might be in Ya tooth paste.
druno82 8 månader sedan
'Jon from Garfield' is my favorite random burn of the day
Chalks October
Chalks October 8 månader sedan
So what's going on with that V8 now?
jesse taylor
jesse taylor 8 månader sedan
Freddy ded
maverick buckley
maverick buckley 9 månader sedan
What happened to Andrew? I noticed he stopped appearing with you and stopped social media all around June last year.
AUSTIN 10 månader sedan
man i really want to like these guys' channels but their attempts at humor are so fucking cringey, jesus christ
omr0138 10 månader sedan
So glad Tavarish works with Jared now...this lame andrew guy tries too hard
jjheb571 10 månader sedan
That was the most entertaining engine pull I have ever watched. You guys are amazing!
James Ellison
James Ellison 10 månader sedan
Great project
M Smith
M Smith 10 månader sedan
Nnno it's tears of joy ...lol
Undercover Victini
Undercover Victini 10 månader sedan
5:00 Freddy: are you sweating or crying Andrew: no Me: same 😂😂😭😭
Hashim Masalawala
Hashim Masalawala 10 månader sedan
I thought the 300zx only came with a v6 and v6 tt? Why is there a v8 in there?
Hector Jacques Giovani Lima Santos
Hector Jacques Giovani Lima Santos 10 månader sedan
Look, the car Wizard has a Twin
[T.E.] Rockeizta
[T.E.] Rockeizta 10 månader sedan
Isn't that 300ZX a V6?
SmokeyMcPiEcE 10 månader sedan
What was the motor you pulled out? an old Q45 engine?
mutsa ushewokunze
mutsa ushewokunze 10 månader sedan
Sorry Andrew camera work is painful
Daniel Stanway
Daniel Stanway 10 månader sedan
happy to see z32 content, but improper lifting and jack points on these cars makes me cringe.
Clell Biggs
Clell Biggs 10 månader sedan
You two really had something here. The DIY mixed with the comedy was perfect. I'm gonna miss this.
Clell Biggs
Clell Biggs 10 månader sedan
... I'm... I'm glad that happened...
ASTRAL 11 månader sedan
This is such a great show, really I'm so thankful you guys put in all the effort.👏🙏
Mark Honorio
Mark Honorio 11 månader sedan
Have you posted any updates on this build anywhere?
Josh Stauber
Josh Stauber 11 månader sedan
Freddy: you should get hour hands dirty Also Freddy: puts on gloves Lol
mr. awesome
mr. awesome År sedan
My favorite part is 18:37 😂😂
joe stryke
joe stryke År sedan
When is this project coming back ?
Piglet6256 År sedan
You americans keep ruining nice japanese cars! stop putting v8's in there, its not necesary regarding Bhp!!! It wont run right ever anyways. there are nice turbo upgrade kits available up to 1200Bhp or so.
Piglet6256 År sedan
nevermind its ruined :S
Piglet6256 År sedan
Is that 300ZX body you removed the wrong engine from rust free??? if so i would be interested in buying it from you :)
Misuta Suparkoro
Misuta Suparkoro År sedan
You should polish the glass. Try Carpro Ceriglass and Griot's rayon pads.
Da D
Da D År sedan
when you doing more with this, keen to see more
william warstrike
william warstrike År sedan
you need at least 6 more feet of chain!
Tommy Estridge
Tommy Estridge År sedan
Your videos were much better when you were working alone without all the witty repartee.
hi2meb År sedan
Change the channel name to “The Hard Way”
David de Marco
David de Marco År sedan
The comedy is poor, Andrew is uninspiring with his dumb ass camera work and no help to anything useful, he his basically a brick that needs to be thrown!! I hope he gets his shit together and actually does something useful in the near future as he ain’t no comedy relief!!
WhereverHugo År sedan
Paint the car grey so you can call it Earl Gray
wowcolors År sedan
What type of v8 is in that car
Mr. Makichoot
Mr. Makichoot År sedan
Ryan Parkinson
Ryan Parkinson År sedan
Please do a collaboration video with Normal Guy Supercar!
Ryan Parkinson
Ryan Parkinson År sedan
Wrench Every Day Hell Yes!
Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day År sedan
CB År sedan
Disrespected nose video?
Dada33 År sedan
Are you sweating or crying? No
Ralph Burrows
Ralph Burrows År sedan
R.I.P. Earl the fuck leaker
Jairo Leal
Jairo Leal År sedan
Great editing on the fart 😂
chabka34 År sedan
Lol watching him take that exhaust off was relatable
Jason Brown
Jason Brown År sedan
Legend has it Andrew is still working on that shifter
Jason Brown
Jason Brown År sedan
@Wrench Every Day it smells like baked beans and cabbage LMFAO
Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day År sedan
Jason Brown
Jason Brown År sedan
@Wrench Every Day i am dead
Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day År sedan
And still working on that fart.
Jason Brown
Jason Brown År sedan
Tell earl I'm coming for those 10mm sockets and hell is coming with me
David Duarte
David Duarte År sedan
This two....... :D
troublesomemale År sedan
You will need a rear sump oil pan and custom headers or you will not get the VH in the Z without hacking it up.
Tired Oworking
Tired Oworking År sedan
Great!!! Big job made to seem easy.
Lawrence Eich
Lawrence Eich År sedan
LS SWAP the Nissan 300 Z Cheap Race Car!
Mitch 3D
Mitch 3D År sedan
300zx had a V8 or am I missing something?
troublesomemale År sedan
The Z32 came with a v6 na and a v6tt
Austin Williams
Austin Williams År sedan
Gotta admit that editing on this one made it tough to watch. A bit too much raw video of fiddling. Maybe some music at least?
tripdaddy1 År sedan
If you're working on a Z and your knuckles aren't profusely bleeding you're doing it wrong.
Joe Dowd III
Joe Dowd III År sedan
Hold on hold on .. ... FART my son made me replay it 50 times while we both laughed
hi2meb År sedan
Don’t you have a lift?!!
Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day År sedan
AutismFullSend År sedan
the thumbnail is on point
Cody Braley
Cody Braley År sedan
That a VH45, kind of looks like one with the ignitor on the valve covers.
AngelFix År sedan
Too many beers in the belly :)
Brent Boswell
Brent Boswell År sedan
Okay, I give up...what Japanese sports car was available with rwd, t-tops, and a v8?
German Santos
German Santos År sedan
I like this channel good duo they have some funny moments lol
Harry Correa
Harry Correa År sedan
Andrew The Type Of Guy Who Hands You The Jack Stands
Josef Gjonaj
Josef Gjonaj År sedan
Put a correctly built VG in it vg love
Matt Carlson
Matt Carlson År sedan
John from Garfield 😂😂😂
Nick Allain
Nick Allain År sedan
Freddy and I are brothers from another mother when it comes to working under the car on the floor. Hahaha. Sweatpants, t-shirt, gloves with dirtgrease up the arms, and a shirt that creeps up like Joe Biden.
k300zx År sedan
You know if you would have shortened ur chains. You could have got more lift. Lol
007czack År sedan
I expected to see some ruby slippers on Freddy @13:28
WEAR SAFETY GLASSES while wrenching. My buddy is a motorcycle mechanic and lost his eye when the open end of a flat wrench snapped off. They're $3 a pair!
Phil Gudet
Phil Gudet År sedan
There's so much subtle sexual tension in here.....
ShizzyIzzy1 År sedan
Wrench Occasionally
Ali Omar
Ali Omar År sedan
I can’t wait to see this swap completed!
scotty197878 År sedan
Damn, and there was me thinking Tavares might finish something!? 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
LowSpecYoutuber År sedan
Freddy wrenches on $10 junker civic hooptie. Andrew wrenches on his focus and mini (and soon RX7).
Montevallo Mustang
Montevallo Mustang År sedan
You're using those combination wrenches like it's 1945 you're in dire need of a tool upgrade. I'm thinking an M12 stubby impact a fuel ratchet and a good set of impact wobble sockets would change your life
CaptianSparkles År sedan
Your channel is aids, your name is wrench every day but you do fuck all and get someone else to wrench
Aaron Sanders
Aaron Sanders År sedan
Camera man is annoying af. You can tell Freddy is annoyed as well. He needs to stfu and hand Freddy tools.
F1 #44
F1 #44 År sedan
Unlike a lot of these channels Freddie actually gets dirty and does not wear white shirts to work on a car. Note that freddie's tools he was using had dirt on them yet as we got to the Sweet Teng Tools Box the tools were clean again. the sign of a genuine worker.
j Walster
j Walster År sedan
Guy 1:Are you sweating or crying Guy 2: *-no-*
CaptainKster År sedan
Do we see the Merc on the ramp?? Is it finally getting a manual?? We will never know
Mikhail Kinikhin
Mikhail Kinikhin År sedan
Looks like Andrew is completely useless person in the shop.
Eryk Grycmacher
Eryk Grycmacher År sedan
18:38 that laugh 😂😂
Maseh Abdul
Maseh Abdul År sedan
I'm a simple man, I ses Tavarish, I like. Honestly this is an under rated channel, including the main channel. You deserve more than 10m subs!
Sossa Kiko
Sossa Kiko År sedan
Ken J
Ken J År sedan
Andrew is a DOLT being an idiot for the sake of being an idiot for entertainment value is BOREING! STICK TO CONTENT not stupidity!
VAINOOZ År sedan
That assistant Dow 😂😂😂😂😂
Elijah Maurer
Elijah Maurer År sedan
I've come to really love this channel
ace b
ace b År sedan
I'm probably just a noob but anyone else nervous for Freddy of that right rear jack stand position?
MrHevelifter År sedan
Why did he leave the chains so long when hooking to the engine? He could have moved those hooks way up on the chain.
robert durrance
robert durrance År sedan
if you lower car off jacks when removing engine will be easier
Gabriel Roma
Gabriel Roma År sedan
I laughed too hard when he used his completely full of oil and dirt hand to comb his hair.
Jayc 3
Jayc 3 År sedan
Maybe skip out on a car next time and invest in a new impact wrench lol jesusss that was horrible
Grant Whelan
Grant Whelan År sedan
93k poo
Ignacio Ramirez
Ignacio Ramirez År sedan
Hey guys, how about making Og Earl a track car? Possibly a new channel about building track cars and Andrew racing them?
Jake År sedan
The dynamics between you two is great.
Dean F
Dean F År sedan
Andrew! Watch it there!!! You're gonna bust a nut!🤣🤣🤣I'm bustin' one!!!
capped killa
capped killa År sedan
Andrew is the real spanner of Wrench Every Day
Nick Campbell
Nick Campbell År sedan
I’m a service advisor at a dealership, and I do what andrew does, just bull shits around while all my technicians do what I tell them to do lol
padraig doran
padraig doran År sedan
real fart love that guy
Kavinsky Smith
Kavinsky Smith År sedan
Why dont you go to a cabbelas or a sporting goods store of some sort and get some low profile hearing protection when using power tools like that?
Nik McIntosh
Nik McIntosh År sedan
Sweating or crying. Why chose? In Florida you can do both!
EddieK År sedan
We all know Andrew really wrenches every day
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